Nov 19 & Nov 22 – Waiting for Jesus and Giving Thanks to God

On Sunday, Nov. 19 we considered what Jesus taught about our waiting for Him to return in glory. On Wed., Nov. 22 we mediated on all that God has done for us for which we can give thanks. Join us in hearing God’s Word and praising Him. Listen to the sermons only or the entire services.

Blessings! Pastor Carl Rockrohr

Nov. 19 – Waiting for Jesus…

November 19 Recorded Sermon Only              Nov 19 Recorded Worship Service

November 19 Sermon Notes                               Nov 19 Service Bulletin

Nov 22. – Giving Thanks to God

November 22 Recorded Sermon Only              Nov 22 Recorded Worship Service

November 22 Sermon Notes                               Nov 22 Service Bulletin